A Health Psychology Approach

Health changes can be overwhelming

Experiencing an injury, a serious illness, chronic pain, grief or loss, or supporting someone you love through it all can turn your life upside down. Going through any big life or health change can feel scary and overwhelming.

Tardif Psychology helps you to accept the things that are beyond your control and navigate existential distress, even when it’s challenging to accept this reality. Dr. Tardif’s clinical style is to be a compassionate and expert ally.

Dr. Tardif uses a health psychology approach

A health psychology approach to therapy or short-term consultation starts with a thorough assessment, offers a conceptualization of what is going on for you, and teaches concrete skills and strategies to reduce distress and increase the ability to live a life aligned with your values. This process is done as a team with you and Dr. Tardif as well as any loved one or other health care providers you choose to loop in.

Dr. Tardif cares deeply about her patients and believes in them. She knows how to nurture a productive and safe relationship. People come in afraid and she helps them move on from fear to empowerment.

Family Portrait Illustration

Here are a few examples of when health psychology might be helpful:

  • Managing conditions, eg. diabetes burnout, chronic pain
  • Serious health diagnosis or event, eg. cancer, stroke
  • Reproductive, prenatal, & postpartum health
  • Caretaking, eg. a loved one has a chronic illness
  • Grief & loss
  • Ongoing stress or burnout, eg. school, work

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