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Hi, I’m Annette Tardif, PhD. I founded Tardif Psychology because I wanted to start a practice with a unique approach – one that is focused on the whole person, and making flexibility and availability a priority. By creating a safe space and fostering a genuine connection, I take a health psychology approach to empowering my patients.

Before establishing Tardif Psychology, I gained valuable experience working in speciality out-patient clinics, hospitals and assisted living facilities, serving patients with multiple health challenges. I went through specialized training to work with interdisciplinary medical teams, as well as with people with physical health challenges, including serious and chronic health conditions. I have merged this experience with my love of private practice. 

I offer a health psychology approach to helping people who may be feeling stuck with how to move forward with a diagnosis, or experiencing the complex realities of an acute or chronic physical health issue.

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Dr. Tardif identifies as an Austrian-Franco-American and cisgender female. She’s lived throughout the United States and now resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, young son, their dog and cat, and close to her extended family. She loves the area’s running/hiking trails, and if there’s a local professional or national soccer game on, she’s likely watching it.

These are the values that guide my health psychology approach to therapy:

Whole Person View

In order to help someone find well-being, I take great care to consider all of the aspects affecting their mental health: physical, emotional, cognitive, existential, and life context.

Access to Health

I am dedicated to using my expertise to help individuals get the information they need to move forward with their health. My practice model allows me to see you when you need to be seen.

Breaking Cycles

Helping people break free from harmful cycles creates a positive impact on our own lives and future generations.

Excellence in Care

I am 100% committed to creating a safe environment, client autonomy, and adhering to all ethical guidelines and best practices in the field of psychology.



  • Post-doctoral Fellowship in Palliative Care and Chronic Pain  (APA-accredited) at VA Portland Health Care System
  • Pre-doctoral Internship (APA-accredited) at VA Portland Health Care System
  • PhD in Counseling Psychology (APA-accredited) at New Mexico State University with Graduate Minor in Integrated Behavioral Health
  • MA in Existential Phenomenological Psychology at Seattle University
  • BA in Psychology at Colorado College
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